Open Investigations

“Green Dot” Prepaid Debit Cards.

We are investigating Green Dot, a leading provider of prepaid debit cards. Green Dot is a national company that, besides producing its own branded cards, also provides support for the WalMart MoneyCard by Green Dot. Consumers have reported various problems with Green Dot cards, including the inability to access funds for extended periods of time. Further, such consumers may find it difficult to receive any sort of reasonable guidance regarding these problems, including conflicting opinions from service people and unhelpful transfers to Indian call centers. We are investigating, and interested in hearing from other consumers about, problems using Green Dot cards and any misrepresentations, including usage guidelines and fees, that Green Dot may have made. Click here for more information.
If you are a consumer who feels they have been somehow misled by Green Dot, please contact us to discuss your legal options.

*Not every case is suitable for a class action, and some people may not want to take on such a challenge, but class actions are effective tools for mass change. We welcome the opportunity to hear what you have to say.