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Kansas City TCPA Attorneys: Helping You Put an End to Spam & Robo Calls.

The TCPA, was enacted in 1991 to control the ways that telemarketers can solicit consumers. The act also aimed to protect the right of privacy of consumers by creating a Do-Not-Call List. To provide strength to the act, violators can be fined for each violation. The TCPA applies to automated dialing and to pre-recorded voice and text messages to:

  • Cell phones or smart phones
  • Residential telephones
  • Fax machines.
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Violations of the TCPA

The following types of calls and text messages are prohibited by the TCPA:

  • Automated calls
  • Pre-recorded messages
  • Calls to people whose phone number is in the Do-Not-Call Registry
  • Calls during specific evening hours
  • Unidentified calls

Exceptions to the TCPA

There are some instances where telemarketers can make autodial and pre-recorded solicitations. If the consumer gave consent to the call, then the call may be allowed. Consent may be inferred if, for example, the consumer gave his/her phone number on a credit application. Consent can be revoked at any time.

Prior to 2013, there was an exception which meant that telemarketers could call consumers if there was a “business relationship” between the consumer and the telemarketer. As of 2013, written consent is required for solicitations to wireless phone numbers and the business exemption was removed. Exceptions do apply if the caller is a tax-exempt nonprofit and if the call is a health related message.

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