Protecting Consumers
against unfair and
deceptive practices

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Protection for Kansas City Consumers

Every time you make a purchase, buy a product, subscribe to a service, or sign a contract, you’re entering a world of uncertainty. You hope that you’re doing business with ethical people or companies. You expect that you’re getting the quality and safety for which you paid. But the truth is, there really are no guarantees. That’s where Bell Law comes in. We leverage our legal expertise in Consumer Fraud and Consumer Protection to protect your rights, your finances, and your well-being against deceptive or dangerous business practices.

You don’t have to settle for “let the buyer beware.” You are entitled to fair treatment and/or compensation as a consumer if you have been treated unfairly. We can help. From our Kansas City, Missouri law offices, we’ll evaluate your case for free (free initial consultation up to 30 minutes), make recommendations about how to best pursue legal action, and stand by you every step of the way until your case is fairly resolved.

Recently, Attorney Bryce Bell has been helping Kansas City residents who have been evicted from area apartments that were already in poor condition. Watch this informative documentary below to learn more about the situation and to see how Bryce is helping out.

Finally, you may not need any money to hire a lawyer.  Even if your monetary loss is small, you should still consult a lawyer to see what your rights are.  In many cases, Bell Law will represent you without any out-of-pocket cost.

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Thanks Bryce Bell  for your dedication to such a small matter as mine.  However, you treated me as if it was a really big matter and with speed and concern for my situation.  We all struggle from time to time as I have and I was not aware that I even had rights until you.  Yo… Read more
H. C.
I came to Bryce with not much more than a plea to be represented for an injustice. Bryce listened to my concerns, reviewed the challenge and in spite of it being a long shot to receive a favorable verdict he agreed to represent me.   Bryce and the firm surpassed my expectation… Read more
G. A.
Bell Law did an exceptional job of reaching a mutually beneficial agreement. I had a great experience with Bell Law. I do not know much about anything legal wise, and Bryce and his team made every step easy to understand 😁 />
Bryce & his firm went to great lengths to try our case. They left no stone unturned. Bryce, Mark, & Janis contacted us on every detail. They even sent me information on nearby hotels for our stay during the trial. I interviewed numerous law firms for our case and Bryce Bell se… Read more
I can unequivocally state that my experience with Bryce has been stellar. I have found his services to be professional, and very results oriented. His attention to detail is what makes him a great attorney.  He is never too busy to discuss issues and always provides clear inform… Read more
W. B.
I recommended Bryce and his team! They were VERY helpful and helped me with legal needs for a Auto Fraud and violations of Kansas Consumer Protection Act. Being my first lawsuit I didn’t know what to expect, but they helped and guided me all the way through for the 2 years it t… Read more
I initially consulted and subsequently hired this firm. My case was handled in an efficient and cost effective manner. Each step of the process was carefully explained. Communication was exemplary.
Bryce and his team are invaluable to their community. They genuinely care about people and are very compassionate as well as being well educated. I had great success working with Bell Law.
Bryce is an attorney with heart, brains and determination. He and his team helped me tackle a bad mixed credit file issue that had been following me around for over 14 years – which made obtaining credit impossible at times. My situation was a difficult case to resolve, especiall… Read more
I feel impressed with the wonderful work well done, I was told every achievement begins with a decision to try, I was a victim of scam but I got convinced by the right person of which I gave in a try of $1000 investment and I got a profit of $13,200 in seven days. Thank you Mrs c… Read more
Idakwo Joy

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You aren’t alone when it comes to a consumer law issue. You have rights and remedies available to you - even against large, powerful companies. Reach out to us today for a free consultation. We will review your case, recommend next steps, and more.

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At Bell Law, we know how today's marketplace can be and the ever-growing list of difficulties consumers face. We offer a variety of legal services from fair debt collection and automobile fraud protection to class action suits and arbitration.

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