Credit & Identity

Safeguarding Your Credit and Identity

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We live in a digital world. And while that provides a certain amount of convenience, it also exposes you to risky, unfair, and even criminal attacks without your knowledge or permission. Your credit and your “digital identity” are vital to the way you live – and can be extremely expensive and time consuming to repair if damaged.

At the same time, it’s difficult to know when your credit has been damaged or threatened or when a business is making a legitimate request for information on your credit report. If you’ve been a victim of having your credit information mixed up with another person, having an existing account being improperly reported, or of identity theft, we know this is a scary and uncertain time for you, but rest assured Bell Law will help you resolve such issues as:

  • Mixed File. Your credit information has been commingled with another person’s credit report
  • Unauthorized Use.  Your credit information has been accessed by a mortgage company, auto dealer, etc. without your permission.
  • Employment Context.  An employer or potential employer has improperly accessed your credit report.
  • Incorrect Credit Information.  An existing credit account can be misreported in any number of ways.  This includes, but is not limited to: timing of payments, late payments, date of first delinquency (if account has been paid late),
  • Re-Aging of Accounts.  Reporting delinquent credit accounts has a negative effect on your credit score and is powerful debt collection tool.  Generally, delinquent credit accounts may be reported for 7 to 7.5 years on your credit report.  However, in an attempt to obtain leverage over a consumer, a company may misstate the date of first delinquency in order to place that delinquent account on a consumer’s credit report after the 7.5 year period has expired.  This is illegal and you should take action.

There are laws in place to protect you from abusing your credit information. You are not the one to blame if your information has been illegally obtained, misreported or used without your permission. The sooner you act to take control of the situation, the better that we can assist you in advising you of your rights and taking actions. Let Bell Law help you by contacting us to get started.