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Are You a Victim of Fraudulent Dealership Practices? Our Kansas City Auto Fraud Lawyers Can Help.

consumer who bought a car and was a victim of automobile fraud and needs an automobile protection lawyer.

Avoiding and Resolving Automobile Fraud

For many of us, the purchase of an automobile is a significant financial transaction… quite possibly one of the biggest you’ll make outside of buying a home. That is why it is completely reasonable to want that purchase to be “by the book.” Sadly, this is not always the case.  In addition, even if your vehicle has been repossessed and you have been sued, you still have rights to make sure that the company has sent you the proper notices when disposing of your vehicle, etc.New and used vehicle purchases alike can fall victim to such issues as:
  • Misleading or illegal advertising
  • Violation of Vehicle Title Statutes
  • Illegal Charges or Add-On Fees (like Dealer Fees and Pre-Delivery Service Fees)
  • Wrongful Repossession
  • Misrepresentation of Prior Accidents
  • Odometer Fraud
  • Non-disclosure of Prior Rental Status
  • “Yo-Yo” or Spot Delivery Financing
  • Illegal Motor Vehicle Extended Service Contracts
  • Extended “Warranties” (which are really not warranties, but service contracts)
  • Bad Faith refusal to pay a claim on a “warranty” or service contract
If you’ve experienced any of these situations, either in the Kansas City area or elsewhere, Bell Law will help you enforce the State and Federal laws designed to protect you and your very important purchase. Contact Us today to find out more about the solutions available for your individual case.