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Protect Yourself from Unfair Debt Collection Tactics: Hire a Kansas City Consumer Protection Lawyer

Protecting You Against Unfair Debt Collection

No matter how much debt you have, or how long you’ve been delinquent in payments, you do have rights when it comes to how companies or businesses may attempt to collect those debts. You do not have to endure harassment or abusive behavior simply because you owe a debt. At Bell Law, we work diligently to help you put an immediate end to such practices as:

  • Letters with inaccurate or false information about a debt you currently owe
  • Continued attempts to collect even after a debt was paid off
  • Phone calls prior to 8 am or after 9 pm
  • Threats of lawsuits, wage garnishment, arrest, imprisonment, or other legal action
  • Threats of police, debt collectors, or attorneys being sent to your home or business
  • False statements made by debt collectors about who they are, what company they work with, or the nature of their call
  • Impersonation of attorneys, government officers, or law enforcement officers
  • Deliberate attempts to deceive you by concealing information or providing false information
  • Behavior intended to harass, embarrass, humiliate, or endanger you or your family
  • Requests to waive your rights or offers to absolve your debt in return for waiving your rights

Make no mistake… these practices and other debt-collection tactics similar to these are not only inconvenient and annoying – they are absolutely illegal. Contact Bell Law immediately if you’ve been a victim of this kind of behavior. Our Kansas City-based legal team can help stop these actions, and, depending on the severity of the abuse, make certain you are fairly compensated for any damage or disruption to your daily life.